Our Equipment Services

Serving Homeowners & Contractors in Redwood City

Whether you are looking for heavy equipment to complete a construction project for a client or you just need the proper tools to finish work on your home, we provide a full lineup of tools and machinery for both rent and sale. We also perform equipment repairs. Our Redwood City rental equipment team is ready to meet your needs!

Learn more about our services at Redwood Rental:

  • Rental equipment catalog : From hand tools to Bobcats, we offer an extensive range of equipment for rent. Browse through our online rental equipment catalog to find out what we offer.
  • Sales: Our professional sales staff can help you find the perfect new or used equipment and /or supplies for purchase. We sell items such as cut-off saws, backloaders, and smaller supplies or accessories.
  • Homeowners: Our company is the one-stop shop for affordable equipment and accessories that you need to complete a do-it-yourself project at home.
  • Contractors: If you are a contractor and you need to complete a project, large or small, come to our store and browse through the equipment we have available.

At Redwood Rental, we pride ourselves in our expansive selection of equipment. We offer drills, dollies, dump drunks, pumps, rototillers, generators, concrete tools, excavators, and so much more! Our store is open Monday through Saturday, and we perform equipment deliveries every single day of the week.

Redwood City Rental Equipment Professionals

Do you have additional questions about the products and services we offer? You can either stop by our conveniently located store to see our inventory in person, or you can call us at (650) 368-9908 and speak with one of our friendly and professional staff members. We would be more than happy to provide you with a free estimate.

Value Statements

  • A Local Family Owned Business
  • Extensive Selection of Bobcats
  • We have Trench Plates for rent
  • Convenient Location
  • Equipment Repair Also Available